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Cameroon’s Catholics in fear after gunmen attacks claim 7 lives

At around 11:30 am on October 24, unidentified gunmen stormed Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy – a school in Kumba, a city in Cameroon’s southern region and killed seven children inside their classroom in an unprovoked attack. More than ten others were wounded and taken to the hospital.

The attack has sparked tension and fear across the country and has drawn condemnation from local and international governments and religious organizations.

The diocese of Kumba in sympathy and solidarity, condemned the killings and described the attack on the school as a “terrible and satanic manifestation of disrespect and desecration of human life which is a gift of God.”

At the local cathedral, the bishop of the diocese, Agapitus Nfon joined by parishioners, held a solemn Mass for the repose of the victims and God’s consolation on their families. He also called for an end to the ongoing crisis in the region.

“Today is the saddest day for Kumba since the socio-political crisis affecting the North West and South West regions started in 2016, and which has now escalated into war,” Bishop Nfon said in a statement. “Because of this barbarous act, the people of Kumba are wailing, the entire diocese of Kumba is mourning, our hearts have been crushed because our innocent children are no more.”

The statement said the diocese stands with the families of the deceased students and staff of the school who have been traumatized by the attacks.

In the capital, Yaounde, the bishop of the diocese, Jean Mbarga led an inter-religious service organized at the Yaounde Multi Sports Complex in honour of the seven murdered children. A mix of religious leaders from Muslim and Christian communities prayed for the repose of the souls of the children and peace in the troubled region.

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