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Call Upon the Saints to Help Our Daughters to Grow in Holiness

The great Bishop Fulton Sheen once remarked on his hit television show that if you “marry the spirit of the age… you become a widow in the next.” This phrase kept coming to the front of my mind last year when my wife and I were looking for children’s books to read to our newborn. As we peruse the shelves at the various bookstores searching for female role models, we found ourselves getting more and more discouraged. 

The books we were finding, though aesthetically pleasing and well put together, were simply not teaching our daughter about what it means to live a moral life. In fact, the subjects of many of the tales, though possessing some admirable qualities, no doubt, oftentimes had a very feeble sense of morality. Some were downright immoral and shouldn’t have been held up as role models for young girls. The more we searched, the more we found many of the women to be, well, modern. Suited to this modern age of relativism and sloganeering. Suited to this time of decadence and moral ambiguity. Suited to this moment of tribalism and victimhood and self-satisfaction and anger. 

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