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Call Upon the Angels for Comfort and Defense

As we confront the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is comforting and effective, to ask the angels, including our guardian angel, to come to our defense. Most Christians, Jews, and Muslims, believe in angels, and the Catholic faithful have always believed that each of us have our own personal guardian angel. We also know the specific names of three angels from Scripture, specifically, the Archangels Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael. Beyond that, we know that there are nine Choirs of angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.

The number of angels is unknown, but the general consensus among theologians is that the number is enormous. Just think of the population of the earth for the entire past, present, and future of man. That gives you the enormity of the number of guardian angels. What about the rest of their Choir, and the other eight Choirs of angels? That is a lot of angels who are pulling for us!

However, it is believed that nations also have guardian angels. This first became evident to me as I read about Our Lady of Fatima. Prior to our Blessed Mother’s appearances to the three children of Fatima, an angel appeared to the children, and he identified himself as the angel of peace, and later, the guardian angel of Portugal.

However, what good is private revelation unless it is consistent with Scripture and Christian tradition? When I looked for scriptural evidence to support this, I found it in the book of Exodus as well as Daniel.

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