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Buffalo’s Caretaker Bishop: Let Healing Grace Fall Like Snow

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Snowfall covers the upstate New York countryside as Bishop Edward Scharfenberger makes his newest weekly commute as a bishop, 300 miles each way from Albany to Buffalo via Amtrak.

Buffalo and the surrounding cities and towns of western New York see consistently some of the heaviest snowfalls in the U.S., but the area has been weighed down for the last year, as past and present clergy-abuse scandals called into question the leadership of Bishop Richard Malone, who resigned on Wednesday.

Discussing his appointment as temporary caretaker of the Buffalo diocese, Bishop Scharfenberger stressed that he embraces the pastoral challenges of caring for western New York state’s Catholics, despite the obvious challenges that are present.

First and foremost, what would you like to tell Catholics of western New York who feel like this leadership change in Buffalo has long been overdue?

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