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Brian Siemann, a paralympian raised with Catholic faith

After praying to St. Gerard about fertility problems, Teresa Siemann got more than she bargained for with quadruplets, one of whom is Brian Siemann, a world-class athlete now competing in his third paralympic games.

Teresa told CNA in an interview that she’ll be praying and “will probably wait for my husband to tell me what happened in the race because I’ll be so anxious” 

Brian, who previously competed in the Rio and London paralympic games, will be competing in events on the track beginning Aug. 27. His events include the 5000-meter; the 400-meter; the 1500-meter; the 100-meter; the 800-meter; and the marathon.

A graduate of a Catholic high school in New Jersey, Brian was formed by his Catholic faith, his mother said. “He kept believing and I think that was what formed him,” she said. 

Teresa told CNA that she brought her children up praying the rosary and that all of her children, including Brian, have devotion to the Miraculous Medal. 

“He still has his medals: The miraculous medal, the St. Michael medal; and St. George- his middle name is George,” she said.

Teresa spoke of a time Brian, now 31, spoke at his Catholic elementary school and answered a question about prayer. 

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