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Bracing for a New Year

fireworksWe are bracing ourselves now for the New Year about to open and unfurl its surprises. A character in one of Tom Stoppard’s stories remarks, in the familiar cliché, that “tomorrow is another day.” To which another character responds that, “No, tomorrow, I find, is usually the same day.”

It is the measure of the year we’ve already borne that we could take it as a ground of hope if the coming year promised to be no worse. A year ago we were bracing for the decision of the Supreme Court to install same-sex marriage as a “right” grounded now in the “fundamental law” of the Constitution, the law that will give proportion and standing to all other laws in every jurisdiction in this country. With eyes unclouded we could see this coming.

What we could not foresee was a militancy on this issue, driven by a moral surety that runs even beyond the convictions that fueled the civil rights movement. Chai Feldblum, descended from a line of rabbis, rejected out of hand the possibility that the religious could claim some ground of exemption from a policy formed now from a sense of unalloyed moral rightness. We don’t give people religious exemptions – do we? – from the laws that forbid discriminations based on race. Why should they be any more tolerated on this matter of marriage and sexuality?

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