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Boko Haram Releases Video of Abducted Christians

Boko Haram recently released a video that shows 11 Christians who were abducted by the militant group at the end of November, pleading for assistance from Christian groups and the Nigerian government.

The spokesperson for the group in the video, Bitrus Bwala, a lecturer at a local college, shared that he was kidnapped on November 27. The group also witnessed the recent killing of several aid workers from Action Against Hunger who had been kidnapped in July. Bwala appeared overcome in the video over what the group had experienced.

Bwala and the 10 other captives are reportedly unsafe because of their Christian faith. They appealed to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to come and save them. Bwala also rebuked the federal government, saying that they had not done enough on behalf of the victims held by Boko Haram. He specifically cited that Leah Sharibu is with them and is still in custody, at least in part, because of the lack of action of the Nigerian government.

via International Christian Concern 

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