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Bishops Behaving Boldly (Audio)

Kresta Commentary

December 19, 2011

By Al Kresta

It seems as though Catholic Bishops are under attack in the last few years. Just in the last week, CBS news and an op-ed by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend as well as the recent “American Catholic Council” Conference, attack the Bishops as backward looking, overly-conservative rigid old men who can’t embrace the future. We also have those on the “far right” of Catholicism who constantly point out the worst in the Bishops and lump them all together as a group of liberal, gay-loving progressives who all-in-all are a bunch of Obama Democrats who have forgotten Catholic teaching. Seems as though you can’t win for losing. But for those who have ears to hear, and can read almost any source of authentic Catholic journalism, the truth is that the vast majority of what our Bishops do is preach the Gospel and defend the Teachings of Christ’s Church. Click Play on the video below to hear my commentary on Bishops Behaving Boldly.

Al Kresta is President and CEO of Ave Maria Communications.

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