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Beyond Roe: A Global Roadmap for the Pro-Life Movement

The pro-life movement cannot limit itself to focusing on the United States. Just as the abolitionists had their sights on dismantling a global slave trade, so too the pro-life movement must target the global abortion conglomerate of governments, philanthropists, international bureaucrats, academics, and faux “civil society” organizations they use as proxies. The goal must be to deprive it of domestic and international political and financial support, and eventually dismantle it.

So far, President Trump has followed the lead of the pro-life advocates behind the 1973 Helms Amendment and the 1984 Mexico City Policy. He reinstituted and expanded the Mexico City Policy. He has defunded the United Nations Population Fund. He has reproached a UN treaty body for seeking to manufacture an international right to abortion. He has insisted on important caveats in international agreements that include “sexual and reproductive health” to rule out international abortion rights and made reservations to UN agreements to that effect. But this should be just the beginning.

I want to suggest here two further essential steps for the pro-life movement internationally—steps in which the Trump administration can play a catalytic role.

A Multilateral Mexico City Policy

First, the Mexico City Policy must become a multilateral initiative, as I already outlined in Public Discourse last year. The end-game here is to make abortion and multilateral aid incompatible in the twenty-first century. And, by launching a pro-life multilateral campaign, President Trump would be delivering on his stated intent in the State of the Union address on January 30 to only give U.S. foreign assistance to countries and organizations that are friends of the United States and share our values.

This has become urgent in the wake of the $560-million “She Decides” European campaign to bail out the global abortion industry following the reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy. So far, the US State Department has done nothing to contest this initiative, even though the campaign has been vocally anti-American.

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