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Benedict XVI to mark 70 years as priest with brother’s choir

This week marks the 70th anniversary of retired Pope Benedict XVI’s ordination as a priest – an anniversary his personal secretary says will be celebrated with things of personal significance: The liturgy, and former members of his late brother’s choir.

Speaking to Rome Reports, German Archbishop Georg Gänswein, head of the Prefecture for the Papal Household and Benedict XVI’s personal secretary, said the choir was a surprise for Benedict.

For Benedict XVI, “surprises are always related to the liturgy,” Gänswein said, noting that for the June 29 anniversary, “We’ve invited a group of former members of the choir from Regensburg who learned to sing alongside his brother.”

By now, the chorists, who were children at the time of their participation in the Regensburg choir, are between 40 and 60 years old, and “some of them will sing in the chapel during Mass,” Gänswein said.

Gänswein was among the speakers for a June 23 webinar organized by Rome Reports to mark the anniversary of Benedict’s ordination.

Ordained a priest June 29, 1951, Benedict XVI is 94 years old, and has been living a secluded life of retirement since his resignation from the papacy in February 2013.

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