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Belgium’s euthanasia commission under fire after shock letter by whistleblower

Last year the London Telegraph ran a travel article about Belgium, “10 reasons why Belgium is not as boring as you think”. A bit patronising, right?

Personally, I’d never call a country which has dared to legalise euthanasia boring. Anything but. This is a defiant poke in the eye to hundreds of years of Western civilisation. Whether you agree with Belgium’s regime of legalised euthanasia or not, it is a wildly exciting experiment in disrupting established social norms.

The latest news is that a whistleblower has accused the country’s euthanasia commission of breaking the law, muzzling dissent, and packing the commission with euthanasia practitioners.

Dr Ludo Vanopdenbosch, a neurologist who was a member of the Federal Commission for Euthanasia Control and Evaluation for several years, resigned in September 2017. Associated Press recently obtained the letter of resignation that Dr Vanopdenbosch sent to senior politicians, which explains his dissatisfaction with the oversight processes of the Commission. “I do not want to be part of a committee that deliberately violates the law,” he wrote.

He was making these allegations even though he describes himself as a strong supporter of euthanasia.

According to the letter, the Commission failed to refer to authorities a doctor who Vanopdenbosch says euthanised a demented patient without consent. The letter outlines the basic details of the case – the patient, whose identity was not disclosed, was euthanised at the family’s request, and there was no record of any prior request for euthanasia from the patient. Vanopdenbosch described the doctor as “totally incompetent”.

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