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Beirut Explosion Sends Shockwaves Through Iraq

08/10/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)Last week’s catastrophe in Lebanon’s capital city of Beirut is one the most forceful and damaging non-nuclear explosions in world history. Over 2,700 tons of poorly stored ammonium nitrate ignited in an explosion that was reportedly felt in both Cyprus and Damascus. Most corners of Beirut have significant damage, and it is estimated that tens of thousands are now homeless.

The entire global community was shocked by this disaster. But nearby in Iraq, where militias run rampant, and the storage of explosives in residential areas is common, the shock was underscored by the thought, “This could have happened here.” It is a reality that has helped propel Christian immigration from the country.

One Christian living in Baghdad watched in disbelief at the events unfolding in Lebanon. “I would imagine that this explosion happens in Iraq rather than Beirut! I think Iranians have more influence in Iraq. We are geographically closer to Iran. In Iraq, there are many more military bases that belong to Iran. The Iraqi government should start looking for such materials, like ammonium nitrate, to avoid any similar disaster!”

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