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Being old in a time of coronavirus

The whole of Italy is now practically in quarantine. The COVID-19 infection has spread very quickly, particularly in the northern regions of Italy, but leaving untouched virtually no zone of the Peninsula. Moreover, as it was first diagnosed in one of the largest Italian cities, which is also the most international and productive (Milan), it provoked an economic collapse, which is very worrying at the moment but could become even more frightening on the long run.

Yesterday the Italian government has issued a law limiting very seriously the freedom of movement in the country; though it is a bitter pill for us all, we are also very conscious that we simply have to swallow it. However, many people who work or study in Milan but come from different regions of Italy abandoned the city in the preceding days, potentially contributing to the virus’ spread in other zones of Italy.

In certain cities, such as Cremona (the city of Stradivarius), the hospitals are already full, the doctors are working around the clock, and a picture has become iconic: a nurse falling asleep on an office desk at the end of her exhausting watch.

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