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Bearing fruit for life

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, still receives a half-billion of our tax dollars each year. There are ongoing efforts to hopefully change that government funding, but currently that money still helps the organization perform more than 300,000 abortions each year. The leaders of Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups also have a lot more than major money on their side. With the help of a long list of politicians, pundits, Hollywood and much of the secular press, they also have the largest and loudest megaphones and microphones; major mouthpieces that have attempted, over 45 years of legalized abortion in the United States, to criticize, ignore, mock and attempt to shout down or silence pro-life voices. Not to mention they’ve done their best to convince a good portion of the American public that abortion is an absolute right that must be defended and approved at any and all costs.

A new report from the Media Research Center, for example, shows the secular media gave much more attention to the second annual Women’s March compared to the 45th annual March for Life. According to MRC, during the weekend of Jan. 19-22, when both marches were held in Washington, D.C., the three broadcast networks “covered the 2018 Women’s March nearly seven times more than the 2018 March for Life. ABC, CBS and NBC combined devoted 25 minutes, 24 seconds on the Women’s March, but just 3 minutes, 46 seconds on the pro-life rally.” Last year that same women’s march kicked pro-life women to the curb and would not allow them to join. Similar sentiments were expressed this year with a pro-abortion theme again running loudly through their event. Given what is obviously an ongoing David and Goliath situation, how is it then that another pro-abortion powerhouse, NARAL-Pro Choice America, is voicing great concern over the successes of the pro-life movement?

The day I learned of these concerns expressed by NARAL leaders was the same day the daily Gospel reading focused on the importance of planting seeds. The reading from Mark’s Gospel reminded us how planting even the smallest of seeds, such as that little mustard seed, will bear fruit if the farmer does what he needs to do, day in and day out.

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