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Ave Maria Radio to Provide Free Religious Audio Programming to Prison Inmates

September 18, 2014

Weston, MA–(– Liberty Quest Foundation led by Executive Director P.J. McMann has announced that its Streaming Faith Initiative will be receiving support from the famous Ave Maria Radio program. The Streaming Faith initiative was created specifically to address the lack of religious programming and music being offered to inmates in the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

Ave Maria Radio is a listener supported 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that employs broadcast radio, mobile technology, the internet and social media to offer news, analysis, teaching, devotions and music to demonstrate the Good News that Jesus is Lord over all areas of life. We show that the teaching of Christ, through His Church, offers a rational view of the world, a deep sense of spirituality, a firm family life, enhanced human relationships, and the creation of a culture of life and love.

Catholic Radio can be heard on over 220 terrestrial stations throughout the United States. It’s even more impressive because of the Catholic presence on satellite radio, internet streaming audio, and over smart phones and other devices that now have special apps to allow listening to Catholic radio all over the world.

Liberty Quest Executive Director PJ McMann said, “This is such an exciting time for us. To garner support from such a large organization like Ave Maria Radio really moves the Initiative forward. We want to encourage participation from Christian associations from all walks of life. The words of Christ can be beneficial and soothing whether they are spoken in English or Spanish, or whether they come from a Catholic or Protestant. You cannot change what He has said. You can only listen, receive and be one with Him. And then pass the good news along.”

Michael P. Jones, Vice President and General Manager of Ave Maria Radio commented, “The Streaming Faith Initiative is very consistent with our core mission: to use current and mass media technology to effectively spread the word of God. We are pleased to have the opportunity to extend the reach of God’s message, especially to a group that is in so desperate a need to hear it. It’s a great thing.”

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