• Parenting in the Age of Weinstein

    Almost every day, new allegations of sexual harassment are in the headlines. The #metoo campaign has exposed the abusive behavior of power-brokers in Hollywood and DC helped victims, who have been silenced for too long, find their voices again. One parent, despairing at the onslaught of... Read more
  • Angry? There’s an App for That!

    Christians often struggle with even the idea of anger.  Many of us believe that a “good Christian” isn’t ever supposed to get angry.  Of course, we recognize that Jesus, himself, sometimes got angry (cf. Mt 21:12 and Mt 23:33) but even so, it’s often hard to figure out what God wants... Read more
  • Sex, Lies, and The Catholic Church

    The Church’s teachings on sexuality and family planning continues to be both poorly understood and poorly regarded. Almost 50 years after Humanae Vitae reasserted the Church’s advocacy for healthy and moral means of family planning over artificial contraception, a Pew Research Poll found... Read more
  • Catholic Families in Crisis

    Al’s note: Dr. Greg Popcak analyzes some new studies about the real life experience of Catholic families. These numbers indicate some of the problems we have in bearing witness to the reality of God’s Kingdom. To moms and dads, I know how difficult it is. But God is really there and he wants... Read more
  • 5 Secrets of Lifelong, Joyful Marriage–Revealed!

    My book, The Exceptional Seven Percent: Nine Secrets of the World’s Happiest Couples looks at the habits uncommonly happy couples practice to keep their marriages going strong and growing stronger day by day.  In a new study, gerontologist, Karl Pillemer,  has taken a similar approach,... Read more
  • Pope Francis and Spanking: 4 Things to Consider – Dr. Greg Popcak

    People know that, as a Catholic Parenting author and family therapist, I encourage parents to eschew corporal punishment in favor of more effective methods discipline that are more respectful of the dignity of the parent and the child.   As a result, I’ve been getting emails all week from... Read more