• Friday Funny: Middle-Earth Announces Heavy Tariffs On Narnian Imports

    MINAS TIRITH, GONDOR—Kicking off a major trade war between the two kingdoms, the Middle-Earth Trade Federation has announced heavy tariffs on the import of Narnian steel, sending the stock market into a freefall Thursday.  Any steel imported from Narnia to Gondor, Rohan, Erebor, or Mirkwood... Read more
  • From Punk to the Papacy

    I lacked any experience of the Catholic Faith growing up as a child and had little until about six years ago. I was introduced to Jesus and the Christian faith by my mother, who had a “born again” experience when I was six. She turned to Christ and told me about it. But there was no mention... Read more
  • In defense of bitter lamentations

    Most of the sacred music in my childhood church— Our Lady of Czestochowa, a small Polish church in Massachusetts—was joyful. The words were frequently in Latin or Polish, but the melodies of the “Gloria” (sung over the ceaseless ringing of bells and gongs) and “Maryjo, Królowo... Read more
  • China’s Communist Party overhaul includes religious affairs control

    HONG KONG - China’s ruling Communist Party has further stepped up control over all religions, dissolving its long-standing State Administration for Religious Affairs bureau and handing its functions to the party’s United Front Work Department. Ucanews.com reported the move was announced... Read more
  • Salvadorans Face Gangs’ Brutal Welcome as US Protections End

    LOS ANGELES — Dalia’s father did not tell her where they were going: Accompanied by a friend, her father carried Dalia on his back “into the woods” and out of El Salvador’s civil war. Their long walk in 1991 lasted 2,826 miles, until, finally, Dalia’s father set down his little... Read more
  • Seven Last Words from the Cross: “Father, forgive them…”

    Significantly, the first of Christ’s last words is: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” (Lk 23:24). Luke was not only a sensitive author; he also understood psychology long before it was a course for future teachers. St. Luke saw the connection between a teacher’s... Read more
  • The Stories of Our Lady of Czestochowa

    I never wanted to be a mom. It was never in my goals or my plan for life. And yet here I am, watching my three-year-old “mow”as I type away in the comfort of a camp chair in the shade of the garage. Right now this kid is the focus of most of my photos and social media efforts. He’s... Read more
  • Boko Haram frees most schoolgirls abducted last month

    Kano, Nigeria, Mar 21, 2018 / 03:45 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- On Wednesday, terrorist group Boko Haram returned at least 76 Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped in a raid last month. More than 30 girls are still missing, some of whom are allegedly still being held, while others have reportedly... Read more
  • US Supreme Court Dubious About Calif. Law Targeting Crisis-Pregnancy Centers

    WASHINGTON — Justices on both sides of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ideological divide sharply questioned a California law that requires licensed pregnancy centers to post contact information for free abortions. During the March 20 oral arguments in National Institute of Family and Life... Read more
  • Bishop Barron tells Google religion’s the ultimate search engine

    LOS ANGELES - While Google may have defined the modern-day search engine, Bishop Robert Barron, known as one of America’s premier Catholic preachers and teachers, believes that today’s search for meaning is inextricably tied to religion as much as technology. In a speech on “Religion... Read more