Kresta in the Afternoon – February 6, 2014 – Hour 2

+  UN says Vatican 'systematically' allowed sexual abuse of children

+  The Romance of Religion: Fighting for Goodness, Truth, and Beauty

  • Description: C. S. Lewis said that Christianity works on us like every other myth, except it is a myth that really happened. Fr. Dwight Longenecker grabs this idea and runs with it, showing that the Christian story is the greatest story ever told because it gathers up what is true in all the fantasy stories of the world and makes them as solid, true, and real as a tribe of dusty nomads in the desert or the death of a carpenter-king. Fr. Longenecker calls for the return of the romantic hero—the hero who knows his frailty and can fight the good fight with panache, humor, and courage. Conflict and romance are everywhere in the story of Christ, and our response is to dust off our armor, don our broad-brimmed hats, pick up our swords, and do battle for Christ with confidence, wonder, and joy. Is religion no more than a fairy tale? No, it is more than a fairy tale—much more: it is all the fairy tales and fantastic stories come true here and now. We talk to Fr. Dwight.
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    • Fr Dwight Longenecker
      Brought up as an Evangelical, Dwight Longenecker graduated from fundamentalist Bob Jones University. While there he became an Anglican and after graduation went to Oxford to train as an Anglican priest , After serving for ten years as an Anglican priest he converted to the Catholic faith with his wife and family. Eventually he returned to the United States to be ordained as a Catholic priest under the special provision from Rome for married former Anglican clergy. , Now lives in Greenville, South Carolina where he serves as pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church
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+  The Romance of Religion: Fighting for Goodness, Truth, and Beauty (continued)

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