Kresta in the Afternoon – August 22, 2013 – Hour 2

+  Pope Francis to Consecrate the World to Mary Oct. 13 – Is This the Consecration Called for in Fatima That Some Say Never Took Place?

+  "Science" Writer Wants Wesley Smith Booted From National Review. Why?

  • Description: Hank Campbell, the founder of Science 2.0, wants our friend Wesley Smith booted from National Review. Apparently he is “anti science” because he wrote a piece opposing three-parent IVF based on moral and ethical concerns. From Campbell’s tirade: “But there is no reason National Review should be letting an anti-science fear monger take up this charge against science yet again. Conservatives claim to be more rational so there is no reason to embrace the irrational Discovery Institute, yet Wesley J. Smith, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism and quasi-philosophical lawyer is being encouraged to mask his anti-science agenda under the guise of ethics.” Wesley responds.
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+  Growth in the Spiritual Life: If Pope Emeritus Benedict Is Doing It You Should Too

  • Description: Yesterday we learned from the Guardian newspaper that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said that his resignation in February was prompted by God, who told him to do it during a "mystical experience". He reportedly said: "God told me to" when asked what had pushed him to retire to a secluded residence in the Vatican gardens. Despite some ridiculous false dichotomies in the story, it raises the question of growth in the spiritual life – from the Pope to the pew. Dan Burke joins us.
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