“Kresta in the Afternoon”—August 12, 2014—Hour 1

+  Kresta Comments: The growing threat of ISIS

+  Robin Williams RIP

  • Description: In the flood of commentary and sorrow surrounding the death of Robin Williams, apparently by suicide, so many are struggling over what to say about a man who seemed never to be at a loss for words. Steven Greydanus says recalls that as a lifelong Episcopalian, Williams once cracked that, compared to Catholicism, Episcopalianism was the “same religion, half the guilt.” Steven joins us to remember Williams.
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+  What you need to know about the Feast of the Assumption

  • Description: August 15 is the solemnity of the Assumption of Mary and in the United States, it is a holy day of obligation. What is the Assumption of Mary, how did it come to be defined, and what relevance does it have for our lives? Jimmy Akin is here to talk about 12 things to know and share
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