Kresta in the Afternoon – November 10, 2017 – Hour 1

+  To Dwell in the House of the Lord: The Importance of the Jewish Temple (full hour)

  • Description: Throughout the Old and New Testaments we read about the Temple, the center of the Jewish faith and the entire Jewish world. It's impossible to fully grasp the life, death and Resurrection of Christ, the travels of St Paul or the writings of the early Church without fully understanding the Theology of the Temple. Steven Smith joins us to explore the connections between the ancient temple and our modern Church.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Dr. Steven Smith
      Steven Smith is the author of The House of the Lord: A Catholic Biblical Theology of God's Temple Presence in the Old and New Testaments, one of the bestselling Catholic books on Amazon. He's an Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture at Mount St Marys Seminary and is also the author of The Word of the Lord: 7 Essential Principles for Catholic Scripture Study. Visit and find his audio recordings at He has launched a social media community for House of the Lord called the Outer Court. Check our for weekly podcasts, discussion groups and much more.
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    • The House of the Lord: A Catholic Biblical Theology of God’s Temple Presence in the Old and New Testaments

      The House of the Lord invites readers to participate in a unique journey: a deep exploration of the Old and New Testaments that searches out and contemplates the reality of God's presence with his people, with a particular focus on investigating God's self-revelation in and through the biblical temple. The journey represents a tour de force of biblical theology, guided by author Steven Smith, a Catholic biblical scholar, seminary professor, and expert on the temple and the Holy Land. In addition to the temple, Smith observes the centrality of priesthood in both the Old and New Testaments, exploring all four Gospels like never before, through a temple lens. From Genesis onward, Smith carefully traces the biblical mystery of the temple, including the Sanctuary of Mount Eden, the tabernacle of the wilderness, the rise and fall of Solomon's Temple, Herod's Temple in Jesus's day, and the heavenly sanctuary of Revelation. Supported by a massive array of evidence and details, from sources across two millennia of biblical theology, this book will be read and read again for its value as a reference work. The House of the Lord is for anyone who seeks to understand more deeply the message of the biblical story. (learn more)

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