Epiphany – October 5, 2020

  • Description: A Holy Spirit filled show! Vanessa is moved by all the guests on today's show with how God has worked in their lives. Tom Hornacek shares his faith journey, Jeff Kassab talks about ECRC evens and the importance of listening to the Lord during Adoration, and Fr. John from St. Benedict Monastery encourages listeners to open themselves up more to the Lord and praying for others.

+  Tom Hornacek

  • Segment Guests:
    • Tom Hornacek
      Director , Community Outreach , Ave Maria Radio

      Tom Hornacek and his wife Marion live in East Tawas, Mi., after selling and retiring from their grocery store, hardware and outlet store businesses. They have three daughters and four grandsons. Twenty one years ago Tom was a lukewarm Catholic, then his favorite sports talk radio station in Saginaw, Mi. was purchased by Ave Maria Radio, and God went to work. Listening to great Catholic teaching, unexpected suffering, along with lots of God’s mercy, Tom went from lukewarm Catholic to intentional disciple. Tom served as the president of Baraga Catholic Radio in northern Mi. for six years and now serves as a Community Outreach Director at Ave Maria Radio and membership drive host. Tom is a member of Encounter Ministries prayer teams and Live Free prayer teams. He and his wife Marion also do mission work for Renewal Ministries. Tom’s passion is prayer and spiritual warfare, hoping to equip others to defend themselves and their families.

+  Jeff Kassab

  • Segment Guests:
    • Jeff Kassab
      Board Member and Instructor , Eastern Catholic Re-Evangelization Center (ECRC)
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+  Fr. John Martin Shimkus

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