Catholic Connection – March 3, 2014 – Hour 2

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Intro and News

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150 North American Martyrs You Should Know

  • Description: "In this compelling new book, Brian O' Neel tells the stories of martyrs associated with North America. Some are from other countries and died in their attempts to spread the faith on this continent. Some were born on this continent but died doing missionary work in other lands. Some were individual martyrs, and some were part of an heroic group. Some were “white martyrs" who, although they did not shed their blood for the faith, suffered much for the spread of their faith."
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    • Brian O'Neel

      Brian O' Neel is a frequent guest on the EWTN and Relevant Radio networks. A writer and editor, Brian lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and six children. He is the author of "39 New Saints You Should Know" and "Saint Who? 39 Holy Unknowns." As a journalist, he has written over 150 articles for mostly Catholic periodicals. For 15 years, Brian also worked in politics on several US and state Senate races, on Capitol Hill, and in the California State Legislature, where he focused on pro-family and budget issues. It was in his capacity as a political aide and writer that Brian helped write the third to last speech ever given by late President Ronald Reagan.

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150 North American Martyrs You Should Know

  • Description: Brian O'Neel continued

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West Va. House Passes 20 Week Abortion Limit Following Uproar

  • Segment Guests:
    • Marilyn Musgrave
      Vice President of Government Affairs, Susan B. Anthony List

      Marilyn served two terms in the House and one term in the Colorado Senate before running for the United States House in 2002. She served three terms representing the 4th District. In the Colorado Legislature Marilyn was a champion for the sanctity of human life, lower taxes, gun rights, and traditional marriage. She continued her fight to defend these values for her six years in Congress. Mrs. Musgrave became a prime target of abortion advocates and was defeated in her 2008 reelection campaign after they spent millions of dollars to accomplish their goal.

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Bible Verse of the Week

  • Description: Teresa and Gail discuss 1 Peter 5:7 - "Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you."
  • Segment Guests:
    • Gail Buckley
      Founder and President, Catholic Scripture Study International
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