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We’ve postponed our Spring membership drive because now is the best time to teach the faith, encourage the anxious, exhort the weary and preach good news without interruption. Our financial need, however, remains as urgent as ever. Please hit the Donate button and contribute as generously as the Lord has enabled you.  Also, ask for the intercession of our patroness, Blessed Mary, ever virgin who, in birthing God’s Son became the first to transmit the Word of God to the world.  Pray that we imitate her in offering Christ Jesus, the Eternal Word of God to the world.

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Catholic Connection – February 18, 2014 – Hour 2

+  Intro and News

+  Waiting For Eli: A Father's Journey From Fear to Faith

  • Description: Waiting For Eli: A Father's Journey from Fear to Faith is a 176-page hardcover book about a Lafayette, La., couple and their infant son Eli who was born with a dreaded birth defect called spina bifida. It is an inspiring story of faith, hope and the power of prayer. The book takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride, starting with the day the author first learns of his son s medical condition. This moving story has a strong pro-life, pro-love message, and is made even more compelling by the author s descriptions of little miracles along the way.
  • Segment Guests:

+  Waiting For Eli: A Father's Journey From Fear to Faith

  • Description: Chad Judice continued

+  Grassroots Pro-Life Activism

  • Segment Guests:
    • Eric Scheidler
      Executive Director , Pro-Life Action League

      Eric Scheidler is the Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League, founded in 1980 by his father, veteran pro-life leader Joe Scheidler, to fight abortion through non-violent direct action. He coordinates many League events, including the Face the Truth Tours, and other League protests and campaigns. Eric speaks frequently on pro-life activism, marriage and the family to audiences across the the United States and internationally.

    • Resources:

+  Grassroots Pro-Life Activism

  • Description: Eric Scheidler continued

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