Catholic Connection – December 5, 2013 – Hour 2

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Little Star

  • Description: Press release -- Tonight a king will be born, and all the stars in heaven are competing to see who can shine the brightest for him. But when the stars see the poor family huddling in the shabby stable, they begin to think that this baby couldn't be a king after all! That is, all the stars except the smallest, loneliest star in the sky, Little Star. He recognizes the baby Jesus as the King of kings and understands His special message of love. Read on to discover the extraordinary way Little Star serves his King on that cold, dark night. Certain to become a Christmas classic, this delightful tale connects the star atop the Christmas tree to the true meaning of Christmas--the birth of Jesus.
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Little Star

  • Description: Anthony DeStefano continued

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China's One-Child Policy

  • Description: A medical study from China, released last week, has revealed an additional way in which women are victimized by the One-Child Policy: significantly increased risk of breast cancer. Researchers in China have found that the dramatic rise in breast cancer in China is associated with the prevalence of induced abortions (IA) under the One-Child Policy. The study, conducted by a team of epidemiologists from Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital, analyzed data from over 36 different studies in both the United States and China.
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    • Reggie Littlejohn
      Founder & President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

      Reggie Littlejohn is Founder and President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, an international coalition to expose and oppose forced abortion, gendercide and sexual slavery in China. She also led the international effort to free blind activist Chen Guangcheng, who arrived in the United States on May 19, 2012. She has briefed officials at the White House, the United States Department of State and the Vatican. Ms. Littlejohn is a frequent guest on radio and television programs and has issued several groundbreaking reports that are included in the Congressional record. A dynamic keynote speaker, she has spoken at the Harvard and Stanford law schools, the Johns Hopkins and George Washington Universities, The Heritage Foundation, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and the Victims of Communism Memorial Commemoration.

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China's One-Child Policy

  • Description: Reggie Littlejohn continued

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