Catholic Connection – August 12, 2014 – Hour 2

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Upcoming Marriage Retreat

  • Description: The Alexander House Apostolate was born after the Alexander’s own marriage crisis. Greg recalls, “When we were on the brink of our own divorce, we went to the church for help and found there was nothing there for us. In fact, we found there had been no support for marriage from ‘I do’ up to that point.” They were challenged by a priest to go and learn everything they could about the church's teaching about marriage. What they learned surprised and inspired them. It saved their marriage, and they wanted to pass that gift on and try to help others save and strengthen their marriages as well. And thus the Alexander House was born. Since that time, Greg and Julie have hosted conferences, spoken all over the nation, appeared on radio and television, developed a parish-based program and, along with their teams, reached out to thousands of couples in crisis.
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Upcoming Marriage Retreat

  • Description: Greg & Julie Alexander continued

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The Attack on Christians in the Middle East

  • Description: "Though you would never guess it from the paucity of coverage in the major news media, there is a fierce persecution of Christians going on in the Middle East. In Egypt, convents and churches are being burned to the ground and Copts, members of one of the most ancient Christian communities, are being routinely harassed, tortured, and arrested. In Iraq, the ISIS group, hoping to re-establish a “caliphate” across the northern sector of the Middle East, is brutally persecuting Christians. Just recently, an ultimatum was issued in Mosul, where Christians have been living for over 1,600 years, that believers in Jesus have to pay a stiff fine, leave the country, or be put to death. And the sheer shock of these extreme instances can allow us to overlook the fact that in Saudi Arabia Christians are not permitted to build churches or to practice their faith publicly in any way."
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    • Fr. Robert Barron
      Founder, Word on Fire

      Father Robert Barron is an author, speaker and theologian. He is also the founder of the global media ministry Word on Fire, which reaches millions of people by utilizing the tools of new media to draw people into or back to the Catholic Faith. Father Barron is the creator and host of CATHOLICISM, a groundbreaking, award winning documentary series about the Catholic Faith. The series has aired across the country on PBS and EWTN, and has been seen and broadcast in parishes, universities, schools and media outlets throughout the world.

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The Attack on Christians in the Middle East

  • Description: Fr. Robert Barron continued

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