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Ash Wednesday: The mystery of the Christian Phoenix

In Ancient Greek folklore, the Phoenix was a mystical bird associated with the sun that rises from ashes. A Christian entering the season of Lent is like a Phoenix. Aware of his sin, he dies to himself and repents, in order to be renewed in Christ and start over again.  

When the pride of a Phoenix becomes a sin

In his drama “Polyeucet the martyr,” the 17th-century French writer Pierre Corneille has his hero say –“A Christian does not fear anything, does not dissimulate anything – in everybody’s eyes, he is always a Christian.” Christians draw others’ attention to the vibrant beauty they contribute to life. A Christian cares for the purity of his heart as a Phoenix cares for its plumage. As Christians we should be proud to know that we are loved and that we will be saved. If Christ is the sole savior of mankind, why should we resist informing all those concerned that they too can be saved?

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