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How Apps Have Taught Us To Despise Religion

It has now been ten years since Steve Jobs stood before a large crowd at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, said “We’re going to make some history here today,” and changed the landscape of personal electronics. It’s been ten years since he revolutionized how we interact with computers. For on January 9, 2007, he unveiled the iPhone, and nothing has quite been the same since.

Most of us now carry around in our pockets a computer more powerful than we could have imagined ten years ago. We now have all the wisdom of the ages within our reach, and all we’ve had to do was learn how to master it. So, over the past ten years we have seen more apps for organizing our thoughts and interactions.

Whether those interactions concern our hobbies, professional goals, or desire to be entertained, as Apple famously trademarked, “There’s an app for that.” They weren’t being facetious. There is an app for ghost hunting, cat painting, and even places you’ve pooped. There are apps for just about anything you could dream up.

‘Technology Giveth, and Technology Taketh Away’

It has been a fun ten years, but it hasn’t come without a cost. The great cultural critic Neil Postman famously wrote that all technology is a “Faustian bargain. Technology giveth and technology taketh away.” For all of the advantages we have reaped over the past ten years since the introduction of the iPhone, there have been some disadvantages, as well.

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