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Appointee to the Iowa Board of Medicine rejected because of her comments at CWR

This is so very 2018. This is what the Reign of Gay looks like:

The Iowa Senate refused to confirm a Nevada woman to the Iowa Board of Medicine Wednesday because of comments she wrote last August on a Catholic online forum critics said were “red flags” on LGBTQ issues.

The appointee is Katherine Asjes and the “online forum” is Catholic World Report. Asjes had been named by Gov. Kim Reynolds to the Iowa Board of Medicine, but she had be to confirmed by the 49-member Iowa Senate. Asjes is the mother of six, the wife of a military veteran, a conservative Republican, and a practicing Catholic. She needed a two-thirds majority, but failed to get it as 18 Democrats voted against her.

The opposition to her nomination, according to the Sioux City Journal, was focused on a comment made on CWR’s website last year:

However, Asjes’ positive response to an online article on the Catholic World Report that took issue with homosexuality, promiscuity and other topics related to human sexuality caused some Democrats to question whether it was appropriate to place her on a state board that oversees health issues.

“What I read was pretty off the wall for somebody going on the Board of Medicine,” said Sen. Tony Bisignano, D-Des Moines. “She states that she completely agrees with all that this person has said and this guy goes back into the Dark Ages talking about sexuality.”

Judge for yourself how “off the wall” and “Dark Age”-ish is the article and the comment:

Sen. Tony Bisignano, D-Des Moines, who served on a Senate subcommittee that reviewed Asjes’ nomination, said he urged Democrats to oppose her confirmation because of her comments in a forum that accompanied an article in The Catholic World Report last year. The article was titled, “Re-Rebuilding a Bridge: The connection between contraception and the ‘LGBT community.‘”

“We’ve arrived at the end of the road — and we stare into a massive, rippled fun-house mirror that shows us in its own twisted reflection the extent of the monumental destruction our journey really caused,” wrote author Jim Russell.

Further into the article, the author wrote: “Initially, the ‘LGBT community’ reassured society that it didn’t want what ‘straights’ had — marriage and children. No, no it would be enough just to not be ‘hated.’ But the goalposts constantly moved —  ‘no, we don’t want marriage, just civil unions! And if you object, you hate us. Now we want marriage — it’s our right. Let us have it or you hate us.’”

In a comments section, Asjes wrote to the author: “Could you please give the early sources of your definition of heterosexual  — the medical dictionary you used?”

She added, “I completely agree with all you have said here, but need some sources for back up, as my 20-something son is skeptical…I could not find anything about the original definition of heterosexual in a pretty serious online search.”

Senators voted 30-18 to favor Katherine Asjes’ nomination to serve on the Iowa Board of Medicine, which failed to meet the two-thirds majority of the current 49-member Iowa Senate needed for confirmation to the state post. A total of 27 GOP senators, one independent and two Democrats were yes votes, while 18 Democrats were opposed.

In other words, Jim Russell’s factual and well-argued article was deemed out of bounds simply because it did not bow before the altars of the Reign of Gay. More to the point, it was upsetting to the Reign’s gatekeepers in the Iowa Senate, who apparently couldn’t handle or accept that a Catholic would read and agree with an article by a Catholic upholding Catholic teaching about the nature of marriage and sexuality.

Read more at Catholic World Report. 

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