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Another Anti-Gay Hate Crime Turns Out to Be a Giant Hoax

Haakon-GisvoldThe alleged crime was shocking: an 18-year-old gay man, tossed out of a fraternity party after a number of homophobic brutes beat him, stripped him, choked him, robbed him, and shouted anti-gay slurs at him. A horrific ordeal for anyone to go through.

But it didn’t happen:

Police in Grand Forks, N.D. have announced that a gay man who claimed to have been the victim of a hate crime at a University of North Dakota fraternity party fabricated his entire story.

The man accused of inventing the latest bogus hate crime is Haakon Gisvold, reports local ABC affiliate WDAZ-TV.

Last August, Gisvold — who is not a University of North Dakota student — accused members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity of abusing him at the party because he is gay. After getting stripped and beaten, he claimed that “he hid in some bush wearing only his underwear until some kind soul came along with some clothes.”

“I just want those guys to learn from this,” Gisvold said at the time. “They could go to jail, sure, but they could go to jail and then come out with the same mindset that they don’t like homosexuals.”

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