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Andrew McCutchen: The Faith to Follow Through


Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen may appear to be on top of the baseball world, but his path to the Majors wasn’t without its setbacks. His family and his faith kept him on track.

If you follow Major League Baseball you know me as the all-star center fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates (or as “Cutch”). People sometimes say my style of play looks effortless, as in smooth and easy. I’m on the small side for a major leaguer—and that probably adds to the perception.

One thing I can promise you, though— no one gets to the big leagues without a ton of effort and more than a few setbacks. Especially me.

March 30, 2007, was probably my worst day in baseball. The last game of spring training. McKechnie Field, Bradenton, Florida. A 90-minute drive from my hometown, Fort Meade. Growing up, family, friends, practically everyone in town, told me I was a natural. Of course I believed it. I trusted these folks.

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