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America’s Other Border Crisis

via Truth & Charity

by Micah Murphy

Micah MurphyWhile millions of Americans share their concerns about our southern border and the rapid influx of illegal immigrants, Catholics have been sharing their views more than most I’ve seen, with a sharply divided approach between our theological need to care for the less fortunate – in this case the orphan and the foreigner – and a genuine concern for the safety of our social and economic infrastructures, which, collapsed, would do no good for anyone, much less illegal immigrants. What has gone largely unnoticed by the Catholic populace and the American citizenry in general, however, is our other border crisis, in which myriad foreigners are crossing into our country on an hourly basis at a terrifying rate, threatening to destroy not only our social and economic infrastructures, but our culture and the very soul of our country. They’ve had a presence in our country since before even the Vikings arrived, but they are foreigners nonetheless. To make matters worse, the vast majority of our politicians are in collusion with them and we, the American people, have given them aid countless times.

No, I’m not talking about the Canadians.

I’m talking about demons.

Native to heaven, but banished to hell, they are migrants in our world, satan 2using us as pawns in their ongoing conflict with our mutual Creator. Yet their suddenly increased numbers in our own country, markedly higher in influence than just a century ago, indicates a border crisis unparalleled in our national history. In these last hundred years, most of which was a century handed over to the devil, demons have plagued our country, dragging us into two world wars and a whole series of startling conflicts since and several economic depressions and recessions. For those, perhaps, their actions have been noted, though perhaps not so much by the historians of the last few decades. The worst blow they’ve dealt, though, has been done in stealth, hidden from most and gone unnoticed, because this foreigner is also an enemy who wishes nothing more than to destroy us.

The great war of demons against America is fought on many fronts, but if you could pin down their general battle strategy, it would be this: blind the humans. This blindness is not physical. Demons know well the fortune given to their cause in our first Fall, when our nature was turned upside down and our souls subjugated to our bodies. The foreigner calls it “blessed concupiscence” but we ought to know better. It’s been plaguing every human interaction since that first sin. Now it hides our blindness from us, for we fallen men focus primarily on the physical, and in the arrogance of our physical sight, insist that we see. But we see nothing. Most men never even open the eyes of their souls to see the campaign waged against them.

The demons have blinded us. They’ve turned our attention away from spiritual to physical sight, and we do not see the war they wage on our souls by means of philosophies washed over our national consciousness and changing us, in the course of a century, from a Christian nation to a pagan one: nationalism, objectivism, sexualism, materialism, secular humanism, secular messianism, commercialism, scientism, liberalism, liberal capitalism, socialism, moral relativism, protestantism, transhumanism, and a thousand more subphilosophies, each with its own idol-god at the center, and that idol, ultimately, is the self.

If the promised final judgment came today, the trumpets would blow and we would be shocked as the demons were revealed around us, their words of pride and self-worship ringing in our ears. We would look around and realize that these foreigners to our land were so numerous, so ubiquitous, that this country was no longer ours, but theirs.

Yet we know that Christ is victorious. He has already won the war and the only conflicts now playing out on the battlefield are fought by despondent demons seeking a few casualties on their way back to hell. If only we were not blind, we would see this and rush to the safety of our Savior, Christ the Victor.

If only we were not blind.

Wake up, America! Be not so distracted by the foreigner at your gate that you overlook the foreigner in your midst working for your destruction. Give your lives to Christ and reclaim this American culture for Him before it is too late. Replace the empty self-seeking philosophies of your last century with the the Way, the Truth, and the Life promised to you in the Gospel. Live as He would live, totally, holding back nothing for yourselves, that you may drive out the enemy and put God in charge of your nation.

Only then will you handle the illegal immigrant crisis – and every other problem America faces – with grace and truth. Only then will you be everything you long to be.

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