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American Catholics Must Stand with Hong Kong

The autonomous territory of Hong Kong is in a fight for its life. For over two months, the citizens of Hong Kong have persisted in protesting an attempt by the Hong Kong chief executive to impose an amendment to the existing extradition laws that would allow the Chinese government to take suspects from Hong Kong to China for trial and sentencing. The protests have reached a crisis, with the airport shut down and troops amassing on the Chinese border. Opponents of the amendment say it is only the latest effort to eliminate Hong Kong’s legal and judicial independence, and that it will bring an end to freedom of speech and thought in Hong Kong.

All of that is widely known through mainstream media. But what isn’t was widely known is this amendment directly threatens Catholics in Hong Kong and the surrounding regions.

Catholics in America and around the world have a responsibility to the Church as an institution and to their brothers and sisters to support Hong Kong’s judicial and legal independence, and to denounce any attempts by China to subvert that independence. The stakes are high. They are nothing less than the authority of the Church—and the lives of Chinese Catholics who have fled there.

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