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Alfie Evans ‘breathing unaided’ after life support removed

Alfie Evan’s father has said his son has been breathing unaided for nine hours after Alder Hey hospital removed his life support.

Tom Evans told ITV’s Good Morning Britain at 7 am: “Nine hours he has been breathing now. It’s actually come to the point where his mum is asleep next to him. She can actually go to sleep next to him. She feels comfortable with him.”

“They say Alfie is suffering. Well look at him now. He’s not even on a ventilator and he’s not suffering,” he added.

He said that the hospital had left his son “without food, water or oxygen” for six hours, but he “felt blessed” that the hospital has since decided to give him water.

“He is still working and doing as good as he can but we do need him to be supported in the next hour.

“It is going to be hard and we will need him to be supported in the next hour or two because he’s been doing it for nine hours totally unexpected.”

“I do believe he will need some sort of life support in the next few hours,” he added.

Hours before Alfie’s life support was withdrawn, Pope Francis made a last-ditch appeal for the parents to be allowed to seek alternative treatments.

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