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Artificial Intelligence is Coming


In Dangers to the Faith I wrote a chapter called “Myth of Humanity 3.0: Human Enhancement Through Technology.”  This is not science fiction. Serious executives, billionaires, researchers in molecular biology and artificial intelligence, are teaming up to extend the human lifespan. Some are shooting for lifespans of 120 years like PayPal founder, Peter Theil or thousands of years as with the Cambridge geneticist Aubrey Grey and his Methusaleh Project. Inventors like Ray Kurzweil have written about the coming moment of singularity when artificial intelligence will threaten to outstrip natural intelligence. The future will be determined, he say, by how well we can integrate the two.

No matter how often I say it, people register skepticism and dismiss the threat. Those who do take the threat seriously often get paranoid about the future.  Both responses don’t fit a disciple of Christ. Our response is to affirm the human quest to live forever and to use that aspiration to draw people to the One who does live forever and Who guaranteed bodily resurrection, Christ Jesus.

Technology is being used to enhance human longevity. That is good not bad. Technology is also being used to experiment on altering human nature; to end homo sapiens and create some new species maybe called homo Googlian. That is certainly not good. I’m gratified, however, that recently Newsweek, TIME and the Economist have penned pieces showing the strength of this movement toward technocratic immortality. Please give them a read. Follow the links below!

The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence via


Silicon Valley Is Trying to Make Humans Immortal—and Finding Some Success by Betsy Isaacson via


Google vs. Death by Harry McCracken via

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