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After his death, a Muslim Kenyan who shielded Christians is hailed as hero


NAIROBI, Kenya — A Muslim man who shielded Christians after a passenger bus was ambushed by suspected al-Shabab militants is being saluted as a symbol of unity.

Salah Farah, a schoolteacher, died Monday in Nairobi, where he was airlifted after being shot in the arm and hip when he resisted militant demands that he identify Christians on the bus during the December attack.

He was buried Tuesday in the northern city of Mandera in accordance with Muslim traditions.

The Kenyan government described the teacher, who told the militants to kill all 62 passengers or leave, as a true hero.

The gunmen panicked and left, but not before shooting him.

Al-Shabab militants are known for separating Christians from Muslims and then killing Christians.

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