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Mike KrauserReporting Mike Krauser
(CBS) — With an expected vote on same-sex marriage in Springfield next week, African-American clergy members campaigning against the issue are threatening to unseat lawmakers who vote in favor, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.

Bishop Larry Trotter, of Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago, is vowing that there will be consequences for those lawmakers who support same sex marriage.

“I think that they will feel the crunch. I think that they cannot take for granted that they can come to the church; and get the church’s sanction, and votes, and signatures; and then go to Springfield, and don’t speak what the people want them to speak. And so now, if that’s how we have to be heard, we will be heard,” Trotter said.

Bishop Trotter and Bishop Lance Davis, of New Zion Covenant Church in Dolton, are planning the next moves in their campaign to defeat the measure, which appears closer to reality.

“There’s no steamroller. There was a steamroller in place that was supposed to pass a bill by May 31st of 2013. It was stopped then, and it can be stopped again,” Davis said.

The House sponsor, Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago), didn’t have the votes in the spring to pass legislation allowing same-sex marriage in Illinois, but he said he’s feeling good about the support today. Lawmakers return to Springfield for the final three days of veto session starting Tuesday.
Harris has declined to discuss specific vote totals for the same-sex marriage legislation, but has said he’s feeling good about its chances.

Audio of this story available at:

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