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Adoption can be a brave choice

“I am pro-choice,” Crystal told me, “but I just couldn’t not be pregnant.”

Two years ago, our story went viral after my husband, Albuquerque police officer Ryan Holets, met Crystal and offered to adopt her baby. She had been struggling with heroin addiction. But few recognize what a hero she is.

Crystal and her partner, Tom, decided to entrust us with their precious baby girl. We were able to support baby Hope in the hospital as she went through drug withdrawals. She gained siblings in our four older children who love her dearly. In spite of her challenging beginnings, our daughter is a beautiful, inquisitive child with one of the tenderest hearts I know.

While many people loved our story, millions are also afraid of adoption. Countless women facing unplanned pregnancies consider abortion to be their only alternative to parenting. Society stigmatizes birth mothers, and “giving up a child” in adoption is often scorned. Many women fear the thought of their baby belonging to someone else. Others have been drinking or using drugs before discovering their pregnancies. They may assume their babies will be “unwanted” due to the number of children already in foster care.

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