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What accounts for Western indifference to Christian persecution?

After years of Islamic State persecution, Father Nadheer Dako, of St Joseph’s Chaldean Catholic Church, in Baghdad, warns that Christians are being driven out of Iraq to live in places like Britain, Sweden or America, where life is less dangerous and the quality of life is better.

Indeed, his own church, which used to serve 5,000 families, now has just 150, with just 25 worshippers attending Mass on Sunday. At the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Ealing, west London, where he recently spent six years, there were 350 families – over twice the number in his Baghdad parish.

With more Iraqi Christians now living outside Iraq, he fears for the future of Christianity in his country. is hard to say,” he told the Sunday Telegraph.

“Returning here from London after six years, I’ve noticed how the quality of education in Baghdad has gone down in nearly all the primary schools,” he says. “The new generation just has very little hope of making a life here anymore.”

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