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Abuse inquiry uncovers evidence of 3,000 sexual predators in French Catholic Church

A bombshell report will tomorrow reveal that more than 3,000 pedophiles have operated in the French Catholic Church over the last 70 years.

On the eve of the publication of a 2,500-page dossier on the findings of a four-year inquiry into clerical abuse, Jean-Marc Sauvé (pictured), the chief of the investigating commission said the numbers of possible abusers was huge.

The inquiry, he told Le Monde newspaper and APF, had uncovered evidence of between 2,900 and 3,200 abusers hidden among 115,000 priests.

“That is a minimal estimate,” he said.

The full report is due to be launched at a press conference on Tuesday morning.

It was compiled following interviews with some 6,500 survivors of clerical sex abuse as well as trawling through police archives and church records.

The inquiry passed on evidence in 22 cases to prosecutors since some of the cases involve people who are still alive.

The inquiry investigated “the mechanisms, notably institutional and cultural ones” within the Catholic Church which allowed paedophiles to operate and its conclusions are expected to be damning. It will make a total of 45 recommendations.

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