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Abortion Training Manual Tells Abortion Docs to Never Ever Use This Word to Refer to an Unborn Child

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Call it a “fetus” or a “pregnancy” but never a “baby” is the advice one training manual gives to abortion doctors-in-training.

Live Action writer Carole Novielli recently highlighted these instructions for abortion staffers from The Early Abortion Training Workbook published by Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health.

The manual advises abortion staffers to avoid the term “baby” even if the pregnant woman uses it. If a woman mentions her “baby,” the manual tells abortion staffers to respond with terms such as “pregnancy tissue,” “pregnancy” or “fetus.”

Major abortion groups have adopted the manipulative language, including the National Abortion Federation, Planned Parenthood, the Feminist Women’s Health Center, the Philadelphia Women’s Center, the Houston Women’s abortion clinic and many others, Novielli wrote.

It comes as no surprise that the term “baby” is treated like a four-letter word in the abortion industry. Evidence suggests that when women are presented with information and images about the humanity of their unborn child, they are more likely to reject abortion.

A 2015 survey conducted by the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, a national legal network of pro-life pregnancy centers, found that 78 percent of abortion-vulnerable women who saw an ultrasound image of their unborn child chose life.

Many states also have informed consent laws that require that abortion facilities provide women with information about the abortion procedure, their unborn child, and pregnancy and parenting resources prior to having an abortion.

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