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Abortion Survivor Claire Culwell: ‘I Can Trust God, and That Gives Me Hope’

As a national and international speaker advocating for life as well as the host of the “Called to Be Bold” podcast, Claire Culwell has been sharing her amazing story of being an abortion survivor. Now, in Survivor: An Abortion Survivor’s Surprising Story of Choosing Forgiveness and Finding Redemption, Culwell brings to light her complete story from surviving an abortion that took the life of her sibling because the abortionist didn’t realize her mother was pregnant with twins, to growing up in a loving adoptive family, meeting her birth mother, and advocating for the lives of unborn babies as well as their mothers.

In a recent interview, Catherine Hadro, host of EWTN Pro-Life Weekly, said of the book, “Claire’s perspective as an abortion-attempt survivor not only tells her own powerful story but also shows how every family member’s journey is intricately woven together to reveal God’s great love and plan for us.”

Before Survivor’s official release, Culwell spoke with the Register about how and why she decided to write this book about her life’s journey.

“My birth mother and I met 12 years ago,” Culwell said. “About 10 months after, I was on a stage for the first time, telling my story across the country and the world. What I learned is that people don’t think about a baby surviving an abortion and what that baby will grow up to be. There were so many big God moments that got me to where I was,” including reaching out “to my birth mother with forgiveness and love.” To tell her full story, which can’t be done in the confines of a single talk or appearance, she decided to put it into a book “so people can humanize the human child and know how that child grows up to be a person with a plan designed by God.”

In the book, Culwell shares stories of what it was like growing up in a loving family with her dad and mom, Warren and Barbara Culwell, after she was adopted. Among her memories of loving times, there are also other remembrances, including how many of her peers would ask her and her sister Rachel, who is also adopted, many questions. Often, they would express sadness for the sisters’ adoptive situation.  

Claire would reply, “What do you mean? Adoption is not terrible. Our parents have told us our entire lives we are wanted and loved, and God got our family together.” She continued, “We were always surprised by those questions. The way I was raised and my adoption are part of the reason I eventually met my birth mother and learned I was unwanted at the time and had my twin taken away from me. But I remember my parents always said I was wanted and loved and born for a purpose, and everything was knit together as it was supposed to be. So I’ve always known I was wanted and loved and chosen.”

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