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Abortion Is Not a Punch Line, SNL

On this weekend’s Saturday Night Livethe show featured a bit with actress Cecily Strong portraying “Goober the Clown (who had an abortion when she was 23).” It was a truly bizarre three minutes, not one moment of which was even remotely amusing. More likely than not, its aim wasn’t to be funny but rather to promote one of the Left’s favorite messages: Getting an abortion is a normal thing to do — a great thing, actually — and women — er, I mean, clowns — who have had one shouldn’t feel alone.

Predictably, Strong’s performance got rave reviews from major media outlets, which are always on the hunt for ways to celebrate “reproductive rights” and dunk on regressive anti-choicers. Turning abortion politics into a big joke is a pretty common theme among comedians these days. But SNL’s skit did a real disservice to women, especially those who have had an abortion.

“I know I wouldn’t be a clown on TV here today if it weren’t for the abortion I had the day before my 23rd birthday,” Strong says in the skit, echoing a statement from actress Michelle Williams in her Golden Globes acceptance speech a few years back.

It’s meant to be empowering, but in reality this sentiment limits women, communicating that they can’t expect to achieve meaningful success unless they prioritize their careers over the lives of their unborn children. It also suggests that choosing to have a child, and putting one’s career on pause to focus on being a mother, is a foolish decision that will cut against future fulfillment.

“Clowns have been helping each other end their pregnancies since the caves,” Strong adds absurdly. “It’s gonna happen, so it ought to be safe, legal, and accessible.”

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