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A printer learns the price of doing business as a Christian


It was Christmastime, and a reporter in Lexington, Kentucky, decided to interview some schoolchildren for their take on the holiday. Granted access to a local first-grade classroom, he began asking the youngsters what yuletide meant to them. The answers were predictable enough: toys and trees, songs and snow, reindeer and stockings and Santa.

Finally, one little blond-haired boy stepped up for his turn with a quietly curious look on his face, bemused at the answers he’d heard from his friends and classmates.

“Christmas,” he told the reporter, “is about Jesus.”

It wasn’t, he remembers years later, the answer the journalist was looking for.

The simplicity of that little boy’s faith would eventually fade, as he grew into the distractions and detours of youth and early manhood. But it returned, in time, even stronger … bringing with it that same growing awareness of the distance between his own convictions and those of many of the people around him. A distance that would eventually position him for attack from those who didn’t find, in his beliefs, the answers they were looking for.

The candid little boy, Blaine Adamson, grew up to become managing owner of Hands On Originals, a promotional printing company in Lexington that specializes in putting logos, illustrations, and messaging on everything from golf clubs to Frisbees, coffee mugs to beach balls. But especially T-shirts. Every size, every color, every style. If you want your message on a tee in the land of mint juleps and thoroughbreds, Hands On has your back

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