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A powerful way to prepare for Sunday’s feast of the Holy Family

Look, we get it. In the post-Christmas haze of travel, exhaustion, hosting, and gift-giving, it’s so easy to let the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (December 31) slip by almost unnoticed. At least it was for us, especially in our first years of raising our five children.

But we can learn from our mistakes! Through a little focus and a powerful brief prayer, you can make the most of this feast. In fact, you can lead your family to new spiritual heights in 2024, starting this coming Sunday with a family Consecration to the Holy Family. 

Sure, “consecration” sounds like a heavy lift. But remember, to “consecrate” simply means to “set apart” — to set apart as holy. Maybe in previous centuries of more widespread faithfulness, “consecrating” your family would have struck our forebears as an unnecessary extra step. But it’s arguably a must for every Catholic family today.

Consider this: If your family is not “set apart” from our culture in some fundamental way — just think about media addiction, pornography, mental anxiety, the assault on the sanctity of life, or the disordered treadmill of endless activities, to name a few — then your family is more vulnerable to these destructive forces.

So consider whether now is a good time to set apart or consecrate your family — apart from things like the evil one’s desire to weaken and destroy your marriage and family life; apart from sin; apart from anxiety; apart from putting the many good things of life in first place, before God.

And this leads us to the most exciting part of what you and your family can do this Sunday: a  family Consecration to the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph will arm you and your children with three powerful forces for good that are arguably hidden from most families:

1 | You are making a stand for communion over isolation. The selfless love and self-gift that flowed through the relationships of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph will bless your family as you strive to stay focused on them. Your friendships with each of the members of the Holy Family will deepen as you ask for Mary and Joseph’s intercession — alongside Jesus’ intercession for your family before the Heavenly Father.

2 | You are making a stand for holiness over mediocrity. The holiness that characterized the Holy Family’s daily life in Nazareth will inspire you when the going gets tough, keeping you trained on the ultimate goal of a Catholic family — to become saints.

3 | You are making a stand for family over individuals-living-under-the-same-roof. The intentionality, love, and bonds that the Holy Family knew and lived will retrain your eyes on the gift of family life.

Are you ready?

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