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A Place of Peace – September 4, 2021: Anna Maria in Afghanistan

Description:   Anna Maria Cardinalli, opera singer and classical guitarist,  returns to the show to give her unique and sometimes shocking report on serving  in the military in Afghanistan from the unique perspective of an American woman working with men in a Muslim country. For more information on Anna Maria’s latest digital album release, go to: or

Guests: AnnaMaria Cardinalli

AnnaMaria Cardinalli is a World class opera singer, guitarist and recording artist, offers stunning virtuosity on the Spanish guitar and brings the simmering darkness of the contralto voice both to the most mysterious characters of the operatic stage and to the folk traditions of the Mediterranean world.

With a life story to match the drama usually found only in opera… 

she has performed as a soloist in venues from the Kennedy and Lincoln Centers to the Spanish Royal Palaces, was the youngest person to complete a Ph.D. from Notre Dame, was “outed” as an intelligence officer by Wikileaks for her once-quiet work in Iraq and Afghanistan, and remains an outspoken advocate for human rights.

​All of this lends a depth of human experience to her performance of some of the world’s most passionate guitar and operatic repertoire.

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