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A day at the races: Predicting the USCCB elections

When the USCCB meets next week, the bishops will elect chairmen for several committees, and a new secretary.

Coverage of USCCB elections has occasionally been criticized as the sort of political “horse race journalism” that is not appropriate for reporting about religion. Of course, there is no complete comparison between the prayerful discernment of bishops about leadership positions in the Church, and the excesses of secular electoral politics.

USCCB elections are not horse races.

But what this analysis presupposes is: What if they were?

To consider that scenario, The Pillar brings you: 

A day at the races

It’s racing season, sports fans! And while most eyes turn to Kentucky in November, discerning Catholic punters and odds makers are looking to Baltimore next week, where a slate of contests will set the leadership for several U.S. bishops’ conference committees.

With six chairs open, and 12 bishops running to fill them, each winner will serve a year as chairman-elect and then a three-year turn at the head of their committee table. 

The stakes are high, and the weather is set for a good day’s racing when the USCCB gathers for its annual fall assembly Nov. 15-18. 

So let’s take a look at the race card, as The Pillar brings you a complete guide to the runners and riders, the form and the odds, and our picks for who will cross the finish line at the annual Episcopal Committee Derby Day.

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