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A Christian convert from Iran: “The Bible is all that I have”

Seyed Mohammad Mahdi comes originally from Iran, a country in which religious freedom does not exist and where possession of a Bible can mean a death sentence. Mahdi was forced to leave Iran and is now living as a refugee in Spain. He shares his personal witness in an interview with Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). 

What was your life like in Iran?

I am Iranian born, and I am 38 years old. My life in my country was quite normal; I had work, a home, I was happy living with my family and especially my daughter. I miss them greatly; two days ago was my daughter’s birthday, so I send her a great big kiss from here.

What was it that changed this normal life you were leading?

It was hard, because I wanted to become a Christian, but this is a long and hard journey. In my country Muslims are forbidden to change religion, and so I had to leave my country. I do not know how long I went without eating, without water, walking across mountains, rivers, every night fearful of the police and of the people. 

Thanks be to God, I am safe and sound now; I am with Jesus, in a free country where I can live my faith in freedom. 

And during this journey nothing could separate you from what you are still holding now in your hands, a Bible in Farsi, the language of Iran.

It is all that I have now. I carry this book with me everywhere, because all its words have a destiny and a goal for me. It has always helped me; it contains powerful words for me. 

You are also wearing a rosary round your neck.

Yes, it goes everywhere with me and I pray it regularly. It is a special gift that was given me by a priest, a great friend of mine, my parish priest in the parish of St. Cosmas in Burgos, here in Spain. That is something that is forbidden in my country. And Christians there cannot wear a cross around their neck either or carry the Bible. 

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