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A Baptist Introvert to Catholic Convert – Conversion Story of John Litteral


Before Finding Christianity

I didn’t grow up in church and never went consistently until I was twenty-three years old.  I attended church only a handful of times growing up and the times I went I don’t recall listening to what was preached, nor did I have any sort of interest in it.  Even though my family didn’t attend church, I do remember that at a very young age that my mother taught me the bedtime prayer.

Throughout my young life, I had little to no interest in religion; looking back now I consider myself at that time to have been agnostic.  I had no idea who Jesus Christ was, or His relationship with, or as, God, much less any clue about the Trinity.

First Encounters with Protestant Christianity

In my early twenties I started to think about God. I had been married a couple of years and my wife showed an interest in getting back into church.  I was working in a foundry around some devoted non-Catholic Christians who constantly talked about their faith.

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