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6 Things To Know About The New After-School Satan Clubs


The people running new Satan Clubs to compete with Christian after-school clubs don’t actually believe in Satan. They just want to be jerks to people who do.

Parents of public school students may soon have the option of sending their children to participate after school in a new organization meeting in their buildings: the After-School Satan Club.

The Washington Post reported that the organization behind the clubs, the Satanic Temple co-founded in 2014 by Lucien Greaves, plans to roll out the student groups this fall, and a few clubs are already in place. Chapter heads from New York, Boston, Utah, and Arizona met in Salem, Massachusetts (where else?) with other interested parties from other states to plot their expansion.]

Here are six interesting facts about the Satanic Temple and the After-School Satan Clubs.

1. After-School Satan Clubs Don’t Worship Satan

The Satanic Temple and After-School Satan Clubs do not profess belief in a literal Satan. The group “rejects all forms of supernaturalism and is committed to the view that scientific rationality provides the best measure of reality,” according to the Post article. So the organizations are essentially rationalistic and atheistic and not organized around a belief in Satan at all.

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